God is Shamma (Light)

Let's create the World again!

Our Spiritual father, God has come to re-establish the true religion of peace, purity and happiness, to create heavenly world

About Us

Purpose and approach

Shamma foundation to physically prepare the base of the coming New world - Golden age (heaven). The light of 'shama' shall erase the darkness of ignorance and bring the light of true knowledge in all the souls of world. This is a GREAT task which is being done by GOD himself. This foundation and our online initiative (Shiv Baba Service) will play a big role, in which you can also contribute.

Aproach: We have strated an online based services initiative since 2016 which is by now well-spread all over. Many souls are being benefitted. We are growing this world service on our websites, our YouTube channels, SoundCloud channel and Social media. 

In coming time, these services can further reach to more general audience with help of spreading the word, through social media and campaigns. In its physical form, these Godly services are being done through 'Brahma Kumaris Godly Spiritual University) - visit their site.

Contribute to this Initiative

Your financial support will enable us to smoothly continue the online based services through this initiative.

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